Manufacturers – Do you have these in your plant???  We specialize in troubleshooting problem panels and replacing them!


Downtime and quality problems directly affect the bottom line of manufacturing companies by reducing productivity, increasing costs, and damaging reputation, leading to decreased profitability and competitiveness.

We get it. Every plant is focused on fulfilling the next order for short-term success. Jobs get shipped, but it costs more than it should. On average, factories lose 800 hours of production each year, and some of that time is wasted on products that fail quality checks.

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Holistic Manufacturing Solutions Utilizing Industrial Automation

We undertake projects that define the company and create growth opportunities by reducing production costs and risk.

We specialize in helping small to midsize companies with limited staff by leading automation initiatives to help reduce that risk.  

Our goal is to optimize efficiency by offering the best automation solutions tailored to your operation, allowing you to spend less while improving production KPIs.

We HELP To increase Profit by Increasing MANUFACTURING OPTIMIZATION

Let us know how we can be helpful with your production requirements.


The Industrial Internet of Things - It's in our name. How we get data from the factory floor to your desk to help you in the decision making process.


Outdated control systems that are a pain to keep running are our specialty. Invite us in for an assessment to learn the possibilities to upgrade machines for higher uptime or quicker cycle times.

Machine Vision

Providing cost benefits in quality control by stopping production when things get out of adjustment or identifying product non-conformance.

Visualization and SCADA

Getting the most out of your data by putting it in the hands of your operators and supervisors for immediate feedback and to monitor trends using graphs and reports for analysis of performance trends.


Our desalination experience is applicable to most pumping operations and can yield significant savings over the long term by increasing efficiencies in the operational approach.


You know that automation can help your operation - but what kind? Where are the best paybacks? Our Optimization Assessment provides the insight needed to make the best decisions on ROI on the factory floor.
Designing automation that solves The Hidden problem Behind the Problem is what drives us

We work hand in hand with clients to specify solutions that provide immediate results in production cost controls.

What our clients are saying -

We've been providing remote monitoring systems since 1996

We’ve been assisting smaller and midsize manufacturers with automation for over 25 years. Since 1996, we’ve offered remote monitoring systems and have adapted them to IIOT and MQTT solutions using cellular modems or plant internet.

We work best with companies that we can partner with as a trusted piece of the manufacturing team to get the most return from automation projects.

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