Established in 1992

About Us

Established in 1992 as A.C.E. in our founder’s basement, and recently rebranded to iiOTec, Inc., we’ve been in the business of helping smaller to midsize manufacturers add or improve upon the automation in their manufacturing and processing facilities for over 25 years. Having performed many complete plant startups with little to no written documentation provided, we are experts at designing a complete automation system from scratch using only the verbal and written descriptions of how the plant should operate. 

We work hand in hand with clients to specify the best equipment for a process, whether that process is a complete control system or an automated inspection station along an assembly line. We’ve been providing remote monitoring systems since 1996 and have since adapted those projects to IIOT and MQTT solutions using cellular modems or plant internet. Whether it’s machine vision, desalination/pump control or an MQTT project, give us a call to discuss how we can put our experience to work on your next automation project!

Give us a call at (920) 461-1710 to see how we can put that experience to work for you!