Since 2006

Control Systems for Desalination and Water Treatment

iiOTec has been actively involved in seawater reverse osmosis desalination systems, pumphouse distribution controls and lift stations. In that time, we’ve been awarded project involvement ranging from construction management to the complete design, build and commissioning of MCC and control systems for eleven brand new or completely refurbished RO plants plus upgrades or modifications to several other facilities.

What We Offer

Desalination systems

Water scarcity, limited by freshwater resources and increasing transportation costs to water-demand areas, is a significant issue in the US and around the world. Our systems treat water of any quality from a wide variety of sources, such as brackish water and seawater. Desalination alleviates water constraints and enables difficult wastewater treatments across a wide range of industrial applications. iiOTec’s automated solutions are easily controlled to provide real-time monitoring and response while optimizing your operating costs.

We provide advanced industrial desalination systems and water treatment solutions that are specific to your needs at iiOTec.

desalination marshalling panels

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