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Custom Application Industrial Machine Vision Systems

We’ve been building area and line scan vision machines for custom applications since the late 1990’s. With this experience in engineering, design and commissioning we have the knowledge to ensure your automated inspection project will be successful with minimal impact on your production operation.

Vision technologies are an increasingly integral component to manufacturing, packing, shipping, and many industrial operations in the US and across the globe. Systems offer faster speed and repeatability, which increase quality and productivity while reducing production costs and factory-floor footprints.

What we provide

iiOTec’s automatic vision solutions

iiOTec’s automatic vision solutions provide examination and analysis for important applications, such as inspection, motion control, and guidance. Our machine vision technology uses sensors, processing hardware, and advanced software algorithms to automate complex or mundane visual inspections while it accurately guides handling equipment during product assembly. This improves product quality, lowers production costs, and produces higher yields. We offer customizable machine vision systems for a variety of industrial applications, such as positioning, verification, measurement, flaw detection, and identification.
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We'll start with a discussion of what needs to be accomplished

Call us at (920) 461-1710 to see what industrial machine vision solutions are best for your inspection requirement. We’ll start with a discussion of what needs to be accomplished and verify that one of our machine vision systems – or any vision system for that matter – is the best solution.